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Return Policy

All products purchased through our Services are custom or made-to-order. We do not accept returns or exchanges, and we will not issue refunds for any products. Remedies for defective products are limited to repair or replacement of the same product, customized to the same specifications as the original order, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Heather Marie. Heather Marie reserves the right to determine whether or not a product purchased by you qualifies as defective. If you consider a product you purchased to be defective, please contact us via email within seven (7) calendar days of your receipt of the product and provide details of the product and any purported defects. Upon receipt of our agreement to inspect the purportedly defective product, please ship the product to our company address displayed in the contact section of our Services.

Upon our receipt of a purportedly defective product, we will fully inspect and examine the product and notify you via email within a reasonable time whether or not the product qualifies as defective. We agree to make any repairs or replacements for such qualifying defective products at no additional cost to you from the original purchase price, and we agree to ship the repaired product or replacement product to you at your return address (or an address otherwise specified by you via email) within a reasonable time. Heather Marie reserves the right in our sole discretion to reimburse users for return shipping expenses related to purportedly defective products.

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