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Gorgeous Green Sisterhood

Gorgeous Green Sisterhood


Sisterhood is an unbreakable bond that is imperfect yet it will withstand the test of time during challenging situations. Sisterhood is cultivated in community, associations and/or family ties.  The pearls are interlocking experiences which are weaved throughout the straw hat that represents growth, knowledge, wisdom and love lessons that keep Sisterhood relationships together.

Colors:: Gorgeous Green
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    All sales are final; no refunds or exchanges.

  • More Detail:

    Ivory pearls are weaved into straw opening (no pearl weaving are the same).

    Loose weave straw allows air flow to cool the head in Summer temps.

    Embellished in the USA.

    Water Resistant Application.

    Elastic drawstring inside sweatband for size adjustments.

    Made to order.

    Heather Marie… Designs® Original.

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